While I tried to inform and educate myself as much as I could in preparation for my baby’s birth, nothing can truly prepare one for the journey ahead. I am fortunate to have been able to connect with Quoida around the time of my baby’s arrival for her knowledge and support has truly been Godsend. Early in my pregnancy, Quoida shared with me some tips on preparing for the upcoming changes, not just physical but also emotional and mental, and encouraged me to develop a functional dynamic for my husband and I to implement once we would face the busy time of the baby’s arrival. Her advice ranged from meal prepping to recognizing signs of postpartum depression. As a new mom, one of my biggest challenges was breastfeeding. I remember feeling anxious about simple things like how to hold my baby properly to nurse, latching difficulties, dealing with nipple pain, and wondering if my breastmilk supply was enough. Quoida came to my home and helped me work through these issues. She showed me different positions that would be comfortable for both baby and I, gave me great tips on how to maintain my supply, how to interpret baby’s behavior while nursing, how to deal with the initial pain of breastfeeding, but most importantly, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to push through the hard breastfeeding days and work with my baby to provide him the best nutrition I could. Once my baby was ready to transition to solids, Quoida came to my home and showed me the essentials of making, packaging and storing my own baby food, helping me have peace of mind about what my baby is eating and a sense of pride for being able to make his baby food. I also had her support during my transition from maternity leave to working fulltime. It was great to just have someone to speak to about my concerns, my fears about leaving the baby at daycare and about being away from him for a full day. Through these and many more instances, Quoida's warm and friendly approach had made me feel supported, encouraged but most importantly, empowered. She is a great mommy mentor whose background as a nurse can help first time moms navigate the challenges of motherhood, sharing her advice without forcing it, and motivating each to find their own “right way”, without judgement or the common “know all” or “know best” attitude that new moms sometimes encounter in their interactions with those who are a bit more experienced.

-Dalia Veloza-Quintero-

Over the years, Quoida has become someone I turn to if I need guidance. She has helped me through nursing school, health hiccups, and family communication issues. When I call her in a panic, she is always quick to calm me down and help me to think logically. She is always ready to give advice and her cheerful disposition makes her a pleasure to be around. She is not only a great resource for stress reduction tips but she has a wealth of knowledge on family health and well-being. I could not fathom how I got through life without her!

-Sierra Filion-

I had the pleasure of working with Nurse Quoida Lauzon while stationed in England, U.K. I instantly grew close to her nurturing spirit and selfless attitude. Quoida was the first person to go the extra mile to ensure both her patients and their families were supported in their medical journeys. After Quoida left the United Kingdom, we maintained good contact as friends. I have had the pleasure watching her grow and advance in her nursing career to become someone I trust for medical advice more than my own primary care doctor. Quoida is gentle and understanding in her methods and has the ability to support families and mothers in a unique way. Quoida has provided me with emotional and spiritual support in our journey as we grew together as mothers. I have reached out various times needing support with my personal breastfeeding journey. She was always there with open-minded advice and ensured I had the education and support needed to accomplish my journey. She is someone I would trust to educate myself and my family on new methods of care. I highly recommend Nurse Lauzon and advocate that she is highly certified and trained in her practice methods!

-Sarah Lovell-