Nurse Appreciation

This month I was able to connect Work it Mommy Podcast and we chatted about Nurse Appreciation. During these crazy times with COVID it has most definitely been very strenuous on our health care workers.

As a nurse myself I have been very fortunate to stay home with my daughter during these times. I have been able to coach, teach, and support new mothers virtually. It has been challenging times for every single person during this pandemic. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to continue serving others. I know that excepting mothers and new mothers really need support.

I also know that many of my nurse friends who are on the front lines are the real heroes. I may be a nurse by I give them the true round of applause. I have heard their cries, their anxieties, and fears. I have talked to them through these extreme hard, exhausting and frustrating times. I'm proud of each and every nurse friend I know and to every nurse I don't know. To all of the amazing front lines workers. I am thankful for your bravery, dedication, sacrifices, and selflessness . I am honored to be friends and a listening ear to each one of you.

As always a big thank you to Work it Mommy for allowing me the opportunity to be part of her health care panel.

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